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Practice Philosophy

The scope of our practice ranges from managing the annoyance of nasal allergies to the treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions and lung diseases (and everything in between).
We understand that simple nasal symptoms are often not so simple. There are few conditions that can impact your quality of daily life more than allergic-based diseases. Studies show that people suffering from nasal allergies don’t sleep well, don’t do as well at work and school, have more sinus infections and headaches and have a lower quality of life, in general, than those without allergies. Our patients are frequently amazed by how much better they can feel with aggressive management of their allergies. Most people don’t know how much can be done and many assume that they must just live with their symptoms.
By the same token, uncontrolled (and undiagnosed) asthma contributes to missed work and school, limitation of physical activity, and the risk of hospitalization from breathing problems. Interventions and medications exist today that should allow almost everyone with asthma to live normal, relatively symptom-free lives.
Rashes and recurrent infections also have a profound impact on quality of life, frequently resulting in significant and undesirable changes in lifestyle that are often unnecessary with appropriate diagnosis and management.
When it comes to life-threatening reactions and illnesses, it is important that a specialist manage your conditions. Take solace in the fact that our physicians and staff are fully equipped to deal with the most serious conditions in our field.
We find that one of the largest obstacles to getting allergy-related disease sufferers the help they need is a lack of understanding of just how much can be done to help. And what a dramatic difference modern allergy care can make in patient’s lives.
Practice Philosophy | Allergy, Asthma and Immunology | Fort Worth, TX

We see our mission as 4 fold.

  1. Education. Education about allergies, asthma, immunodeficiency and all of the related conditions we treat. Education is paramount because education gives you ownership and mastery of your symptoms (instead of the other way around). Education is the foundation upon which we build the next important principle of our practice:
  2. Collaboration. It is your body we are talking about here. Our goal is to collaborate with you to find solutions that work for you and treatment plans that fit your lifestyle. With education and collaboration, we help you to have the tools to make informed decisions about your healthcare. In order to collaborate we must have good communication.
  3. Communication. In our practice, patients are not just numbers. We strive to be available as much as humanly possible to answer your questions. We do our absolute best to have you seen when you need to be seen. When you call our office, you will speak to a person, not a machine. When our staff answers your questions, it is because they have discussed your case with the doctors. Physicians and their representatives make all decisions about your care in our practice. Similarly, we strive to maintain good communication with your primary care and other physicians so that we are all on the same page when it comes to your treatment plan. We feel that communication about your progress is an ongoing imperative so that your therapy can continue to be fine-tuned and individualized for you.
  4. Expertise. Rest assured that the three principles discussed above are settled firmly on the bedrock of the expertise of our physicians. Our physicians have trained specifically in the allergy and immunology subspecialty after completing residencies in Pediatrics or Internal Medicine. Allergy, asthma and immunology are not our hobby. They are our specialty. Five years of intensive training after medical school ensure that. Our physicians always continue the process of education on an ongoing basis, so that you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you will be receiving up-to-the-minute, evidenced-based care in our fields. We are confident in our assertion that there is no more modern practice of allergy, asthma and immunology than ours.