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We can help with everything from annoying scratchy throats and itchy, watering eyes to life-threatening allergic conditions.
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Specialists in the Treatment of Allergies, Asthma and Immunologic Disease

Welcome to Allergy and Asthma Clinic of Fort Worth

We understand that simple nasal symptoms are often not so simple. There are few conditions that can impact your quality of daily life more than allergic-based diseases. Studies show that people suffering from nasal allergies don’t sleep well, don’t do as well at work and school, have more sinus infections and headaches and have a lower quality of life, in general, than those without allergies. Our patients are frequently amazed by how much better they can feel with aggressive management of their allergies. Most people don’t know how much can be done and many assume that they must just live with their symptoms.

Happy Summer!

With Summer time, it's a great time to start allergy shots so that you can be improving by the time the next school year starts

Watch out for Ozone and Poor Air Quality days - these are big triggers for asthma attacks and nasal symptoms